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Fiberglass Innovation

Single Profile. Limitless Applications.

Designed and manufactured in North America, the Universal Series™ features an innovative, commercial-grade fiberglass frame. This patented frame profile is the basis of many of Cascadia’s award-winning and Passive House certified products, making installation details consistent and easy to incorporate into envelope design.

  • Strap anchoring system allows for easy installation from the interior or exterior of the building from the interior or exterior of the building
  • Free spanning (free standing) jambs for both strip windows and window wall saves structural costs
  • Integral couplers allow for smaller individual windows to be coupled on-site, saving labor costs
  • AW, CW, LC & R Performance Class options available
  • Highest recognized water resistance rating (15 PSF)


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Cascadia Windows Double Glazed Details
Cascadia Windows Triple Glazed Details
Performance & Longevity


Boasting exceptional thermal and water resistance ratings, a modeled lifespan of up to 80 years—more than 3-times longer than traditional vinyl windows—and award-winning aesthetics, the Universal Series™ windows integrate perfectly into a modern high-performance building envelope.

  • Low-VOC standard & custom colors exceed AAMA 625 performance criteria (Hydro Tuff water-borne urethane coatings)
  • Made from high resin-to-glass, thermoset fiberglass, the windows will not sag, weaken or creep over time
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures (-40°F through 350°F, and higher) without becoming brittle or soft
  • Made from non-organic, chemically inert pultruded fiberglass, the windows are not susceptible to corrosion, rot, insect damage or UV degradation
  • Manufacturer's warranty on frames (20-years) and hardware (10-years)
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