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Fiberglass Thermal Spacer

Cascadia Clip®

Fiberglass Innovation

Fiberglass Thermal Spacer

The Cascadia Clip® allows architects and specifiers to design thinner, lighter and more cost-effective exterior cladding assemblies, while at the same time drastically improving a building’s overall energy performance.

Acting as a thermal break between the structure and the exterior cladding, the Cascadia Clip® fiberglass spacer can be used in steel frame, concrete and wood construction buildings, and is compatible with semi-rigid mineral wool, rigid foam—polystyrene, polyiso and others—as well as spray foam insulations.

  • Available in 8 different sizes
  • Fully adjustable and compatible with z-girts and hat channel cladding assemblies (see Assembly Layout Guide)
  • Pre-punched Galvalume™ AZM 150 (AZ-50 - 18 gauge) z-girts and hat channel available
  • Dual-layer coated (NZF 3000) and stainless steel fasteners available
  • Living Building Challenge Declare Red List Approved
Cascadia Clip® Spacing Calculator
Vertical Z-Girt Applications

Easy-to-Install, Fully Adjustable

The Cascadia Clip®’s patented design allows for a straight-forward installation on steel, concrete and wood stud buildings. Like many clip and rail systems, the Cascadia Clip® is installed prior to the exterior insulation, allowing installers to easily confirm the fasteners have tied directly into the backup wall and structure, reducing the structural risk associated with blind fastening systems.

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Horizontal Hat Channel Applications

Non-combustible, High-performance walls

Carrying a comprehensive IAPMO-UES (ICC-ES equivalent) code evaluation, as well as thermal and structural engineering reports, the Cascadia Clip® offers verified peace-of-mind to project stakeholders.

Available in 8 different size, the Cascadia Clip® can easily accommodate up to 8” of exterior insulation, making it perfect for high-performance and Passive House projects. Cascadia’s pre-punched Galvalume™ z-girts and hat channel allows for longer span compared to wood furring, reducing labor and materials costs, as well as improving thermal performance.

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Roof & Soffit applications

Low-Sloped roofs

The award-winning Cascadia Clip® boasts a roughly 30-50% reduction in thermal bridging over typical sloped roofing support—while offering the same structural performance. This novel application also helps mitigate the risk of condensation on the underside of the roof deck and screws.

Improved thermal performance is only one facet of the Cascadia Clip®‘s benefits. When used with sloped roofs, Cascadia Clips® offer significant cost savings over traditional supports by allowing architects and specifiers to design thinner roofs. This reduces not only the amount of materials used in the roof itself, but also the overall labor associated with installation.

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