Universal Series™

Future of Performance

Why Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is an ideal structural material for window and door frames, which is why Cascadia has used a proprietary, high glass-fiber-to-resin formula for more than a decade. Beyond its high strength and thermal efficiency, Cascadia's pultruded, thermoset fiberglass frames contain no VOC's and represents less embodied energy compared to vinyl or aluminum.

Not susceptible to decay or insect attack, fiberglass possesses a low thermal expansion coefficient allowing it to move at roughly the same rate as the adjacent IGU. This extends the longevity of window seals and gaskets and reduces maintenance costs. Combined with a modelled lifespan of 50-80 years, fiberglass represents the future of high-performance windows and doors.

  • Nearly 10x stiffer than traditional vinyl, allowing for larger window spans and increased views
  • Boasts 100%-250% improved thermal performance compared to traditional aluminum windows, lowering heating and cooling costs
  • Made from high resin-to-glass, thermoset fiberglass, the windows will not sag, weaken or creep over time
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures (-40°F through 350°F, and higher) without becoming brittle or soft
  • Made from non-organic, chemically inert pultruded fiberglass, the windows are not susceptible to corrosion, rot, insect damage or UV degradation
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Universal Series Window Design
Technical Focus

Uncompromising Design

When the technical team at Cascadia Windows & Doors set out to create a next-generation, high-performance fenestration solution, they started with a long list of objectives. Passive House level thermal performance. Commercial-grade strength. High site tolerance. Easy onsite coupling. Lower costs. The list went on.

But over the next year, the team was able to design, test and manufacture an innovative, fiberglass frame fenestration solution that checked nearly all the boxes. This solution was the Universal Series™. Owing its name to its versatility, the Universal Series™ combined strength and thermal performance, ease of install with durability, and has been recognized by organizations around the world, including the Passive House Institute and Canadian Green Building Council.


Universal Approach

Single Profile. Limitless Applications.

Designed and manufactured in North America, the Universal Series™ features an innovative, commercial-grade fiberglass frame. This patented frame profile is the basis of many of Cascadia’s award-winning and Passive House certified products, making installation details consistent and easy to incorporate into envelope design.

Whether it’s new construction or retrofit/rehab, the Universal Series™ allows developers and architects to drastically improve the overall energy performance of their buildings, without sacrificing glazing area.

  • Strap anchoring system allows for easy installation from the interior or exterior of the building
  • from the interior or exterior of the building
  • Free spanning (free standing) jams for both strip windows and window wall saves structural costs
  • Integral couplers allow for smaller individual windows to be coupled on-site, saving labor costs
  • Available with double & triple-glazed Low-E insulated glass units (IGUs)
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