High-performance Products

Who We Are

Cascadia Windows & Doors is an innovative, industry leading manufacturer, creating high-performance fiberglass windows, doors and cladding support systems. Included in some of the most exciting and award-winning construction projects across North America, Cascadia’s goal is to help revolutionize the energy-efficiency of modern buildings and drive the adoption of high-performance building products.


Mission Statement:

Lead North America’s transition to energy efficient building design.

Core Values:

Excellence | Innovation | Sustainability | Efficiency | Integrity | Education


Fiberglass Innovation

Our Story

In 2008, Cascadia Windows & Doors was founded in Langley, BC, by a collective of building science and window specialists. Having supported hundreds of building owners through the Leaky Condo crisis in the Pacific Northwest over the previous decade, Cascadia’s founders knew first-hand the impact of poor building performance.

As building envelop design was improved, they anticipated the next crisis would revolve around a building’s energy performance. And to help stave off that crisis, new products would need to be developed to help the building industry tackle the issue.

So, they set out to create those products. Their focus; innovating, commercializing, and producing the most energy-efficient windows and doors on the market. And for more than 10 years, this BC-success-story has done exactly that.

Continually recognized by architecture and building science organizations for their novel and highly technical approach to window and door design, Cascadia’s products continue to disrupt the largely static window industry.

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