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Universal Series™ Window Wall

The Universal Series™ Window Wall offers a patented, high-performance full-façade glazing system.

Patented Commercial Fenestration

High-Performance Window Wall

The world's first fiberglass window wall, the Universal Series™ Window Wall is based upon the standard Universal Series™ window system, then augmented with additional components to provide a full-facade high-rise glazing system.

Designed and manufactured in North America, the Universal Series™ Window Wall allows developers and architects to dramatically improve the overall thermal performance of buildings, without sacrificing glazing area.

Universal Series Fiberglass Window Wall Cross Section
Fiberglass Innovation

An Alternative to Traditional Aluminum

In 2019, the Cascadia team took the award-winning Universal Series™ even further, incorporating additional components to create the world’s first fiberglass window wall. A complete façade glazing system—with slab bypass, spandrel and in-slab ducts—the Universal Series™ Window Wall offers a high-performance alternative to traditional aluminum.

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Cascadia Juliet Balcony
New Product

Introducing the Juliet Balcony

The new Juliet Balcony from Cascadia Windows & Doors provides architects and designers a novel way to reduce thermal bridging associated with balconies, while still offering maximum ventilation for occupants.

  • Compatible with Universal Series™ inswing windows and doors, plus window wall
  • Custom sizes & configurations available
  • Window and guardrail components assembled at factory; guardrail glass installed onsite, from interior of building
  • Fully tested and meets International Building Code (IBC) 2021 guardrail design load requirements
  • Tempered glass guardrail (SGP interlayer) with chamfered top edge
  • Does not impact window's thermal performance

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NOTE: Due to worldwide glass shortages, Juliet Balcony delivery times are subject to change. Please discuss your project timelines with the Cascadia sales team.

Future of Performance

Why Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is an ideal structural material for window and door frames, which is why Cascadia has used a proprietary, high glass-fiber-to-resin formula for more than a decade. Beyond its high strength and thermal efficiency, Cascadia's pultruded, thermoset fiberglass frames contain roughly 58% recycled content, low VOC's and represents less embodied energy compared to vinyl or aluminum.

  • Boasts 100%-250% improved thermal performance compared to traditional aluminum windows, lowering heating and cooling costs
  • Made from high resin-to-glass, thermoset fiberglass, the windows will not sag, weaken or creep over time
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures (-40°F through 350°F, and higher) without becoming brittle or soft
  • Made from non-organic, chemically inert pultruded fiberglass, the windows are not susceptible to corrosion, rot, insect damage or UV degradation
  • Modelled lifespan of 50-80 years
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Universal Series Fiberglass Window Wall with Slab Bypass

fixed windows | operable windows | slab bypass | spandrel

Universal Series™ Window Wall

The Universal Series™ Window Wall offers a high-performance alternative to traditional aluminum window wall systems. More than 500-times less conductive than aluminum—but with comparable strength and lifespan—the Universal Series™ Window Wall merges superior thermal and structural performance with durability and award-winning aesthetics.

  • Custom-sizes & configurations built-to-suit project requirements
  • Available with double and triple glazed insulated glass units, with a variety of Low-E coatings
  • Opaque assembly areas can be glass or metal
  • Manufacturer's warranty on frames (20-years) and hardware (10-years)



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