Cascadia Clip Structural and Thermal Performance Calculator With Clip Spacing Options

We have calculated the structural and thermal capability of over 75,000 combinations of wall assemblies.
You input the variables specific to your project, and use the outputs to find the smallest clip at the largest spacing that meets the project requirements for thermal performance and allowable wind loading. This helps you save money by using the right number of clips - not more, not less. This tool is fully engineered, and when paired with the engineering reports that corroborate the results, can be used as the submittal documents. 

To Use:

  1. Set the variables to match your project.
  • If you're unsure of cladding weight, for a quick analysis, pick a weight that's slightly heavier than need be.
  • Structural results with steel studs depend on the gauge of metal, not the depth (structural results are accurate for 6" studs)
  1. Use the most efficient layout that meets your Effective R-value goal.
  2. Check the layout in the structural capacity section, for adequate allowable wind load for your project.

Download engineering reports for:
Thermal outputs 

Structural outputs - USA

Structural outputs - Canada