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Tackling Window Pain: Understanding the benefits of high-performance fenestration


As jurisdictions across North America introduce more stringent building energy performance standards (BEPS)—such as the BC Step Code and Seattle 2018 update—developers, architects, and contractors are left wondering the best way to meet the new benchmarks while controlling costs. This balance can seem daunting, especially when it comes to incorporating manufactured components, such as windows. Fortunately, a general understanding of the impacts of high-performance fenestration can help keep a project on track.

This presentation delves into modern high-performance fenestration products, providing a high-level overview of what makes a product ‘high-performance’, benefits of high-performance fenestration in the world of emerging BEPS, plus real-world project examples.

Through a review of window materials and configurations, this presentation outlines the impacts of fenestration on a building envelope’s overall performance, as well as opportunities to cost-optimize high-performance fenestration.

AIA Provider Number: 40107438  |  AIA Course Number - 10  |  1LU/HSW

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Fri, Dec 17 @ 9am PST (12pm EST)

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