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Mind the Gap: Better exterior wall performance through cladding attachments

Many North American jurisdictions are moving beyond ASHRAE performance requirements for exterior wall assemblies, shifting instead to a holistic, building energy performance standard (BEPS) approach. While this evolution offers benefits—such as design flexibility and lower operating costs—it also requires a new approach to building those assemblies.

A line-item-by-line-item approach no longer yields the best results. Instead, component performance needs to be viewed across multiple facets to build high-performance exterior wall assemblies. This presentation discusses the impacts of thermal bridging on compliance with emerging building energy performance standards (BEPS), as well as ASHRAE.

Reviewing common insulation solutions—including interior, split and exterior insulation methods—the session delves into strategies for limiting thermal bridging through various cladding attachments. Finally, a review of real-world case studies helps demonstrate the interconnectivity of component when achieving high-performance.

AIA Provider Number: 40107438  |  AIA Course Number - CW-ED-171LU/HSW

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Wed, Oct 19 @ 9am PST (12pm EST)

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Wed, Nov 23 @ 12pm PST (3pm EST)

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Fri, Dec 2 @ 9am PST (12pm EST)

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