'Buagyi Maternity Center Fundraiser

Supporting the Buagyi Maternity Center


Cascadia is excited to announce a new charitable program in support of the Buagyi Maternity Center in Mundri, South Sudan.

South Sudan experiences one of the highest rates of maternal mortality, one that is five times that of other developing countries, based on data from the World Bank. The town currently has a small, under-resourced health facility that is unable to provide adequate care to its residents.

This charitable program will support the construction of a new maternity center, where women from ‘Buagyi and the surrounding communities can safely deliver their babies, and children can receive quality care. The new Buagyi Maternity Centre will be a part of a Rural Hospital, and have a team made up of doctors, trained nurse-midwives, clinical officers, and medical assistants, providing quality maternal and child health services. 

Cascadia has committed to raising $10,000 USD for this cause, with the company matching the first $5,000 raised.

More information on the Buagyi Maternity Centre and to donated, click the link below.




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