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Universal Series
The Cascadia Universal Series is a new all-fiberglass system showcasing the latest in energy efficient window and door technology. Deliveries starting Summer 2017. Patented, and patents pending.


The Universal Series was designed in 2016 to uncompromising design intents for thermal performance, structural capacity, aesthetics, hardware flexibility, site tolerance, cost, and ease of manufacturing. We have finalized our design and improved on our existing windows in every one of these areas. In addition to covering all the functions of our window lines in one, the Universal Series will have the following benefits:
  • Passive House Institue US certified thermal performance.
  • Passive House International Certification completing in 2nd half 2017.
  • Commercial grade strength and sizes
  • Inward and outward operation in one system
  • LBC Red-List Free
The tools and machinery needed to create this product are being created as you're reading this, so physical test data is not yet available. Check back regularly, as we will update as soon as testing is complete.

Configuration Options

Vent operation, inswing Tilt & turn, hopper, swing door
Vent operation, outswing Casement, awning, swing door
Vent operation, sliding Sliding door
Glazing Triple (standard, passive house); double (available)
For further information or CAD files please , or sign up for announcements on updated information on the Universal Series' release date and performance information.

Key Performance Data

Air infiltration Rating (cfm/ft²) Rating (L/s/m²)
Universal Frame Better than A3/Fixed Better than A3/Fixed
Water penetration psf pa
Universal Frame 15 730