Supply shortages impacting fenestration industry


Over the last 18 months, price increases and supply chain shortages have risen sharply in the construction industry due to the global pandemic. These increases have been particularly pronounced over the last 6-months.

In that time, Cascadia has navigated this uncertainty through a diversified and broadened supply network, as well actively engaging project stakeholders—new and existing—to limit impacts.

“Despite some of the struggles felt in the construction industry—and the fenestration industry in particular—I’m impressed with how project teams have been able to respond to a changing supply landscape,” says Mike Battistel, president of Cascadia Windows & Doors.

Flexibility, contingency planning, and communication have been key to keeping projects on track, despite the turmoil.

“The issues have really been industry wide,” explains Battistel, “so everyone is in the same boat, from contractors and developers, to supplier and manufacturers. It’s really been about everyone working together to get through and keep projects moving forward.”

“We’re hopeful that as vaccination rates continue to increase, COVID restriction are eased and suppliers have a chance to respond to demand, we’ll see pricing and lead times normalize,” says Battistel. “In the meantime, Cascadia will continue to actively work with clients to keep projects on track.”

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