Cascadia Juliet Balcony

Introducing the Juliet Balcony


Cascadia Windows & Doors is pleased to introduce the company's newest product offering—the Juliet Balcony.


Cascadia Juliet Balcony


The new Juliet Balcony provides architects and designers a novel way to reduce thermal bridging associated with balconies, while still offering maximum ventilation for occupants.


Cascadia Juliet Balcony


Compatible with Universal Series™ inswing windows and doors—as well as the Universal Series™ Window Wall—Cascadia's Juliet
Balcony can be customized to suit project requirements. The tempered glass guardrail— complete with SGP interlay—offers nearly
invisible sight-lines without compromising safety or longevity.


Cascadia - Juliet Balcony 3



  • Compatible with Universal Series™ inswing windows and doors, plus window wall
  • Custom sizes & configurations available
  • Fully tested and meets International Building Code (IBC) 2021 guardrail design load requirements
  • Tempered glass guardrail (SGP interlayer) with chamfered top edge
  • Window and guardrail components assembled at factory; guardrail glass installed onsite, from interior of building
  • Guardrail components painted to match window frame
  • Does not impact window's thermal performance


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NOTE: Due to worldwide glass shortages, Juliet Balcony delivery times are subject to change. Please discuss your project timelines with the Cascadia sales team.

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