Incorporating Commercial Doors by Others


In mid-2021, Cascadia Windows & Doors announced the company would shift its product offerings to incorporate third-party commercial doors—supplied by others—as the default solution in commercial projects.

Applying to new projects, this shift from offering Cascadia’s limited range of high-performance commercial doors will allow clients to more easily customize their commercial door specs to meet project requirements.

“This update to our product offering will give clients a more streamlined process when specifying commercial doors and allow them the flexibility to get the exact functionality they need on their project,” explains Michael Bousfield, technical director at Cascadia Windows & Doors.

Moving forward, clients can simply use Cascadia’s architectural detail for commercial doors by others when designing building entrances or storefront assemblies. Then, clients can continue using their current commercial door spec, drawing upon any components available on the market to meet their functional and aesthetic requirements. These custom doors can then be easily installed onsite within a Cascadia frame by the commercial door provider.

“By leveraging the existing expertise of commercial door fabricators and installers, Cascadia can ensure clients have the widest range of solutions available to them,” continues Bousfield, “ultimately making their projects more customizable and tailored for the end-user.”

To view Cascadia’s detail for commercial doors by others, please click here (Storefront Glazing - Downloads).

For more information about using commercial doors by others in your project, please contact us.

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