Cascadia's mission is to lead North America's transition to energy efficient building design.

We innovate, commercialize and produce the most effective products to reduce energy consumption in buildings more than ever before.
Here's a little of our story: Cascadia Windows manufactures fiberglass windows, doors, and fiberglass cladding support systems, with uncompromising quality and physical performance.  What does that mean?  It means that when you explore one of our products for any specific reason – be it a sliding door with unsurpassed water penetration resistance, a commercial window with exceptional thermal performance, or a cladding support assembly that provides ASHRAE-compliance in the most cost effective manner available, you can count on every other aspect of the product being as equally top-performing as the characteristic that caught your attention first - no compromises.
Cascadia is located in beautiful Langley, British Columbia, Canada – about 45 minutes from Vancouver.  Ever since 2008, when the dream of the most durable, reliable, and thermally efficient window possible, led our founders – a group of building science specialists and window specialists – to form Cascadia Windows, we have delivered more and more fiberglass solutions into the Pacific Northwest every year.  In addition, Cascadia invents and commercializes truly useful, technically sound innovations for the construction industry, taking advantage of the fantastic characteristics of high-quality, pultruded fiberglass. 
Our innovations are pushing the envelope: literally. The latest - our Universal Series - will be the first commercially available all-fiberglass Passive House Certified window and door system. Our technical guys told our marketing department to get used to updating this page, since our “latest innovation” won’t ever be the same for long – but we can live with that!
Learn more about our windows, doors, or the Cascadia Clip by checking out the rest of our site, or feel free to contact one of our representatives.