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Future of Performance

Why Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is an ideal structural material for window and door frames, which is why Cascadia has used a proprietary, high glass-fiber-to-resin formula for more than a decade. Beyond its high strength and thermal efficiency, Cascadia's pultruded, thermoset fiberglass frames contain roughly 58% recycled content, low VOC's and represents less embodied energy compared to vinyl or aluminum. 

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First Installation in Nova Scotia

I wanted to thank you for you and your team’s support in establishing what I believe is still the first Cascadia installation in Nova Scotia. The delivery worked out perfectly and the product does not disappoint at all on arrival and installation.

Best wishes,


Flawless Delivery

It was flawless, thank you so much for such a smooth delivery experience. Unloading was quick and easy with the crates, and the driver was communicative and helpful. I appreciate it!


These Windows/Doors are Gorgeous!

These windows/doors are gorgeous!!! I am so pleased with them. My husband is impressed with their quality and my daughter, the architect for this project, is also very impressed. She is hard to impress so way to go Cascadia! I also want to mention that the people who did your crating did an absolute top notch job.