We pride ourselves on the merit of our work and the capabilities of our employees. Here, find some ways in which others agree with us! From feedback on our certified educational presentations to awards we have won for our work, we are proud of what we have achieved. 
    • I wanted to thank you for you and your team’s support in establishing what I believe is still the first Cascadia installation in Nova Scotia. The delivery worked out perfectly and the product does not disappoint at all on arrival and installation.

      Best wishes,


    • Thank you so much for the summer experience working at Cascadia Windows and Doors. From this experience, I gained valuable insight into the production and assembly of windows and doors. The knowledge I acquired will be really useful for my second year in the Architectural and Building Technology program at BCIT, as my concentration would be on Building Science.


    • Flawless Delivery

      July 29, 2020

      It was flawless, thank you so much for such a smooth delivery experience. Unloading was quick and easy with the crates, and the driver was communicative and helpful. I appreciate it!


    • Love our pink door!

      July 19, 2020

      Thought I’d drop you a quick email and let you know we are so in love with our pink door! 



    • 5 Star Service Crew

      March 11, 2020

      Eric and Jared did a great job. I give them both 5 stars!

      Thanks for looking after this issue for us.



    • As a licensed carpenter building their dream traditional timber framed house, I shopped around a lot for high performance windows, and couldn’t be happier with finding Cascadia Windows. From initial contact with their project managers, prompt responses to every email I sent with questions about the products they had to offer.

      Performance wise they are comparable to any other high end, triple pane, tilt and turn windows on the market, with exceptional value. Super easy to install and adjust so they are effortless to operate.

      Delivered a day ahead of schedule from across the country to Quebec, packed exceptionally well with no chance of being damaged along the way. They are built and styled to last a lifetime. These are truly high-end windows without the high-end price.

      I will definitely be recommending Cascadia Windows to friends, work colleagues and future clients. Can’t wait to work with their professional team again.


    • I am sending this email to thank all of you and the Cascadia team for a superb job on the interior windows at Hycroft Tower in Vancouver.

      The service representative, Gary, dropped by yesterday to do some fine tuning and the operation is 100%. 

      Most importantly the windows have achieved our primary concern; noise abatement that is now exceptional. The added features of thermal comfort and the solid appearance is a bonus.



    • Thanks Amber. The delivery went just fine and now I'm eager to schedule an installation date ASAP. 

      Thank you for all your kind and precise attention.


    • The Cascadia Clip.

      This is what I really think is the definition of good green design. It is unobtrusive, it solves a serious problem, it is easy to use and quietly does its job really well. Hail Cascadia! 

      To read the full article, click here!

    • Mike,

      We've got a garage full of the nicest windows Mission has ever seen. Happy showed up a bit earlier than the rest of our help, but he coached us through moving them, and by the time the real muscle showed up we had the hang of it. All neatly stacked and ready to go. (I'm sure glad we had some strong help, those babies were heavy!)

      Deryk and Cindy 

    • Thank you for adding me, do I know your company well! I spoke to Michael your sales guy many times, I think I bought every size Cascadia Clip you make for the Downtown Audi Dealership just completed. 

      He was a great guy to deal with!


      Brad, Contractor, Vancouver BC

    • Useful website

      March 10, 2014

      I like your website! There is thorough information and it is documented well enough to give me confidence that you're providing a premium product.

      Fiberglass-framed windows can provide the industry's best combination of ideal thermal insulation with ideal strength for narrow sightlines. I know your supplier well (Inline) and they do an excellent job. 

      I hope to be seeing a lot more of Cascadia.

      Alan Geary 

    • Knowledgeable staff

      March 10, 2014
      Roto North America has grown significantly in the western half of the continent due to the development of Euro Products and in particular window and door systems that address the need for structural integrity; thermal/energy efficiency; acoustical/ADA compliance and safety/security.
      No Euro product manufacturer has embraced these performance disciplines and excelled at a higher level, than Cascadia and it's team of engineers and industry professionals.
      In particular, John Sawatzky, Cascadia's General Manager, has been an invaluable technical interface for the Roto/Cascadia applications and engineering group. His passion for high performance and Euro Products and his technical expertise has manifested into value added solutions for all segments of the regulatory, architectural and consumer community.
      John is one of the most knowledgeable and focused Euro product experts in North America. We at Roto North America, consider ourselves extremely fortunate to partner with him and the Cascadia team.
      Thank you,
      Patrick, Manager, CT, USA
    • Accommodating delays

      March 10, 2014

      I would like to personally thank you, Gerry and everyone at Cascadia for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience the delays in our project may have caused. None of us foresaw any of these lengthy delays and you have been more than patient throughout (and to think I was worried about getting the window order in when I did so it didn't hold anything up). I appreciate you accommodating us and doing what you can to keep the windows stored and protected, as I am sure they will be one of the highlights of our new house. Right from the start when we first dealt with Gerry, everyone at Cascadia has been first rate and it really is appreciated.


      James, Home Owner

    • Random acts of kindness

      February 17, 2014

      I just want to take a moment out of your day for you to recognize one of your employees. On Thursday, February 13th, I was heading down No. 5 HWY on my way to visit my parents. I am 7 months pregnant, with 2 young children aged 4 and 9. I drive an old beater car that I am constantly having some issues with. Of all days, my car decides to break down. Feeling stranded, with no service I was at a loss. I tried to do what I could, but I'm no mechanic. I sat for an hour with crying children before a truck drove up with the name Cascadia Windows on the passenger door side, and stopped. He must have seen I was having some troubles, and asked if there was anything he could do. I explained my situation about my car, and he was more than willing to take a look to see if he could help. After about 10 minutes, my car was up and running. I can not express my gratitude for his help. It is people like him that give me hope. I don't recall a name, but if you know the man I speak of, I would greatly appreciate if you could pass the message on.

      I appreciate the willingness to help out when it was greatly needed. Most people will just disregard a person stuck on the side of the road in such conditions. It's that kind of hospitality that goes unnoticed in the eyes of an employer, and I felt you needed to know. 

      I will surely be passing on your company name to my friends and family, this random act of kindness will not be unheard of.



    • Happy Holidays to you guys.

      The windows on my Bainbridge Island Project, Willow, look fantastic!


      Kenny, Bainbridge Island, WA

    • Gerry and everyone else who helped along the way:

      Larry, our builder, forwarded us the e-mail where you hand off responsibility for our windows to the Project Manager. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone else in the organization who worked so diligently to help us get this far. The list is long and includes so many people that, while I remember many names, I cannot remember all of them, and for fear of leaving someone out, I'm not going to try and name them individually. Would you do me the favor of thanking any and all of those people who spoke to me and/or Brian over the past year or so please? Cascadia's staff has been good about letting me check and recheck whether or not I could operate different handles at appropriate positions sitting and standing, answering technical questions, taking measurements, and supplying material samples for me to test for allergic reactions. I am also grateful to the couple that allowed their sales person to invite me along on their plant tour the day I happened to drop in to check more details.

      As you are aware, when we first visited Cascadia Windows at the recommendation of our architect, Richard, we had already been to <uPVC Window Competitor> on our own and were leaning toward their Series <XXXX> product which we believed to be a combination of uPVC and fiberglass. We only learnt that the <Window Competitor XXXX series> only has a fiberglass reinforcing channel inserted into the uPVC frame. We felt the Cascadia product was structurally superior. We feel confident that not only are your fiberglass windows neutral for my health, but also more in line with Richard specifications for our R2000 certified home.

      Again, thank you one and all,


    • First impression

      November 20, 2013

      I was driving in North Vancouver yesterday during rush hour traffic, with a crying baby in the back seat trying to get to her ailing grandmother. Then I saw this truck driver do something very nice. He let me drive through a passage way; when normally truck drivers do not put car drivers ahead of them...as I'm sure we all know! I saw the Cascadia sign on the door of the truck and had to contact you to let know! Sometimes the smallest things we do for others leave a huge impression on them. Way to be a total gentleman Cascadia Truck Driver! 

      Beverly, North Vancouver, BC



      Hi Beverly, 

      Thank you very much for the wonderful email. We are very proud of our driver (Happy is his name) for helping you. Also, have given him a gift reward as our token of appreciation for his kindness. Thank you for sharing this story with others. 

      Mike Battistel, AScT.

      Vice President, Operations

    • Site feedback

      October 23, 2013

      The experience was very good. Your shipping guys were awesome - really made it possible to receive on site without heavy lifting equipment. 

      Michael, P.Eng, Manasc Isaac


    • Service and quality

      September 28, 2013

      I just had the shipment delivered to the Samuelson project and managed to get 3 windows in this afternoon. They are fantastic! Also, I can't say enough good things about the service and product quality.

      Sean, Residential Homes

    • Happy with the product

      September 26, 2013

      Installation went beautifully!

      Rob, Owner

    • Everyone who sees the windows are really impressed with them. The BEC was really impressed. I think Mac is going to be using Peter for all his work going forward as he was blown away by what a great job he did. I hope some of their next projects will get you guys some work. If you have some time in the next month or so to check out the progress it would be pretty cool as they are moving really fast.

      Vince, Home Owner, Vancouver BC

    • We provided this correspondence to recognize our satisfaction with the Cascadia Clip. We have specified the Cascadia Clip in our building envelope designs as it is a key component in achieving the thermal performance and durability desired by our clients. The variable sizes of the clip allow us to achieve our design intent without customized solutions and facilitate straight-forward installation during construction.

      We have appreciated both the technical support and administrative assistance provided by the Cascadia team and look forward to future projects together.

      Terry, C.Tech, CCCA, LEED AP, Victoria BC

    • We selected the Cascadia Clip as a key component of our wall assembly, to reduce thermal bridging in the exterior cladding support system. The largest merit of the clips for our project was the magnitude of the difference they made, compared to the result of a more conventional approach, such as using continuous steel supports.

      For the field of the wall - and there was a lot of it (around 100,000 SF) - the clips provided an effective thermal resistance of R-14 with only 3.5" of insulation. In contrast, a conventional steel support, with the same amount of insulation, would have only provided around R-7 effective.

      This performance level was mandatory for the ASHRAE 90.1 standard that the project had to meet. Fortunately, using the clips to help meet it actually represented a cost savings, compared to the additional material, wall thickness, and labour, which a conventional assembly would have required. 

      We are please that products such as the Cascadia Clip have started to be brought to market. They help meet design teams address the important - and often now mandated - increased energy efficient requirements for building envelopes. 

      Sean, Envelope Specialist, Architect, AIA, LEED AP+BC+C, BEC, Portland OR

    • I just wanted to thank you for hosting yesterday. Great job!

      You guys have a great little company with truly remarkable products, at the very least in terms of relative performance. I look forward to continuing the learning curve together with you. Yesterday, I learned how far I have to go...

      Looking forward to continuing the journey with you!


      Steve, Essential Medical Products, Richmond 

    • Thank you for all of the time and effort that went into hosting the Walsh Quality group this week. And thank you greatly for sending us to the Canucks game. Brian is a huge hockey fan and still plays to this day. We had a really great time. I think it is essential to start out with a hockey game so that one can really get in the Canadian way of thinking - it opens the door (or window) to a better understanding of building science in general, and windows in particular. After all, the Canadians lead the way on the building envelope technology and science. 

      Speaking of which Mike, your presentations hit the nail on the head. You touched on a few major concepts that clarified a lot for both Sharon and Brian and exceeded what I was hoping they would learn from our various different tours this week. I can't thank you enough for your thoughtful preparation and the typical Battistel delivery of the material - thorough, measured and comprehensive. Both Brian and Sharon were effusive in their praise of what they learned from you.

      The partnership with Cascadia is important to us and you have once again come through for us in helping to improve our technical knowledge of envelope concepts, systems and detailing.

      Please thank Jet, Chris and Parv for their presentations. It helped to shed light on a part of the product and project delivery process into which we have little insight. Thanks again.

      Martin Houston, AIA, LEED AP, Walsh Construction Company, Portland OR

    • Plant tour

      February 13, 2013

      Thank you for your warm hospitality, breakfast and tour of your business this morning. We were really impressed with your obvious enthusiasm and innovation for the building industry. 

      May, Programme Director 

    • Our sincere thanks!

      January 14, 2013

      On behalf of all the owners of the Belmont, the Strata Council wishes to extend our sincere thanks to every single person who worked on our project.

      The various contractors have all done super jobs and their timely and professional work is much appreciated. They have all contributed to bringing our job in on time and on budget.

      We want to acknowledge all the workers who came, worked so hard for us, and then went on to other things. We had short, but pleasant, associations with all of you. Whether you were one of the great guys that installed the windows or the metal work, took care of our suite interiors, did the stucco just right, or did one of the myriad other jobs that made our project work, we want you to know that we are appreciative. From the guys (and Alicia) that chatted, to the ones that smiled and waved through the windows, to the ones who tried to pretend they didn't see us standing there in our robes at 7:30 AM, each one of you made the whole long project a lot nicer for all of us.

      We are please that we gave our contract to RDH and that they guided us so well in selecting such excellent contractors. We are delighted that all the challenges were met, with grace and only a little swearing, and we are very happy with our 'brand new building'. 

      Please post this message in your work places so that everyone who worked on our building will see it and know how sincerely we mean it when we say: THANK YOU ALL!


      The Belmont 


    • I was able to obtain the info from Cascadia by calling the sales department. They were very helpful so I was able to get my project in on time.

      Thanks again,


    • Thank you for your tremendous efforts and support over the last few days.

      We managed to get the Hoy Sun Ning Yung prices to the respective bidding contractors early enough for them to close off their bids by the 1:00 PM deadline today. 

      The Wolfs have signed their supply agreement and paid their deposits last night.

      The supply agreement for the Gill residence (Mandala Homes) was received on time and we are just waiting for them to sign and return it with their deposit.

      Finally, we are still working our way through the Bishop-Zovi project, the itemized pricing has them looking carefully at their needs.


      Graham Bessant Dip. Mem., SIAD, Vancouver Island

    • A BIG thank you

      December 7, 2012

      I'm thrilled with the windows and doors delivered yesterday. A BIG thank you to you and your team at Cascadia. 


    • Window performance

      December 11, 2011

      We've been in the completed (well, as complete as anything gets) house for nearly two months and I wanted to write a more formal letter about our experience with Cascadia Windows. We've been enormously pleased with both the windows and the company. I don't know if a resounding endorsement from an architect is useful, but I'd like to tell others about how we're increasingly pleased with the windows' performance. As cost conscious as we tired, and needed to be, my guess is that we'll grow happier and happier with each passing year with the Cascadia doors and windows. We've also learned how many of our friends and neighbors are clueless about door hardware, but that's another story - when the door tilts in and looms over them, they initially freak out, feeling they've broken something, and soon they realize the beauty of the design.

      At any rate, I'll write a letter soon. In the meantime, to you and the company, a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

      Best wishes for 2012 and beyond,

      Peter, Owner, MA, USA

    • These windows/doors are gorgeous!!! I am so pleased with them. My husband is impressed with their quality and my daughter, the architect for this project, is also very impressed. She is hard to impress so way to go Cascadia! I also want to mention that the people who did your crating did an absolute top notch job.


    • Thank you very much for the presentation and sending the code alternative solution. It is very informative and well presented.

      Please keep us updated on your new innovative products.

      Sudiro, Architect, AAA, MRAIC

    • Thank you for the presentation. We were impressed with your level of knowledge of the product and field, and the photos were impressive. 

      Much appreciated.

      Susanne, CET

    • That was a great presentation. I really appreciate your knowledge of the industry.

      We have been fans of Cascadia in the past, and have a renewed inspiration to spec your products. Specifically, the incredible customer service by Gerry and Parv in the past has made me loyal.

      Looking forward to working with you.

      Steven, Architect AIBC, LEED AP

    • Thanks for the presentation Amber. Very informative and well presented! I will definitely recommend Cascadia for future projects.

      Nelson, Architect AIBC, LEED AP

    • Mike was an outstanding instructor! Thank you Mike. 

      Excellent presentation, well prepared and excellent people skills. Mike covered so many topics that were based in reality and extremely relevant. Good coverage of basic details that are generally problematic.

      Clearly an expert in practical and theoretical knowledge. Well organized material that flowed well from topic to topic. Great instruction. The best thing about this course was getting first hand knowledge from an experienced building envelope specialist. Thank you.

      The presenter was very well prepared and gave a lot of good and practical examples. Very informative presentation.

      Taught me the basics I was looking for and left no questions unanswered. 

      I really did enjoy it all. Mike's experience and the clarity he taught with was my favorite part. Thank you!

      Excellent knowledge and patience. A true expert. Mike was prepared and never late, he respected our time. He is still in the business and trying to lead and effect change. 

      Mike was great. He provided great relevant detail pertaining to the course. The window ties in details that were especially beneficial to me. 

    • I wanted to thank you for stopping by the Stantec office and presenting an amazing presentation on thermal bridging and the innovations behind the Cascadia Clip. I find our office does work primarily in Alberta, and controlling the effectiveness of our building envelopes can be a challenge. Sometimes it is nice to have a little refresher on how U-values and R-values work.

      Eric, Architectural Technologist 

    • Lunch presentations

      March 28, 2014

      The Cascadia presentations were 2 of the best we have ever seen.

      Thanks again!

      Robert, Stuart Howard Architects, Vancouver BC

    • Michael,

      I just attended your window and cladding support seminar at our offices and would like to thank you for delivering it in such a clear and entertaining manner.

      Thank you.

      Martin, Architect, Vancouver BC

    • Lunch and learn

      March 6, 2014

      Thanks Mike,

      Great info and excellent presentation. I was impressed with your patience given the elevated level of heckling from us that you endured! That topic was alarming but your delivery added entertainment value...not to mention evident intellect and fantastic food!!

      Best regards and thanks again,

      Graham, BESM Arch., MAIBC, MRAIC, Vancouver

    • AIA Conference

      January 20, 2014

      Thank you again for a wonderfully presented topic. Very informative and I have received great feedback from attendees. You should think about presenting this at AIA or other architecture/construction related conferences.

      Have a great week and a safe flight back to Vancouver.

      Tania, Project Manager

    • Lunch & learn

      November 22, 2013

      Thanks for your presentation at our office today. It was very good, and I'd love to receive a copy of it. Thanks very much.

      Annemarie, CEI Architecture, Vancouver, Victoria & Kelowna

    • Properties of fiberglass

      October 18, 2013

      We would like to thank you for the presentation and tour of your plant on October 18th. It was very informative, particularly the thermal bridging section and the Cascadia Clip. All the properties of fiberglass windows and doors were quite interesting as well when compared to other systems (aluminum, vinyl, wood). Overall, you have some great products which we hope to incorporate in some of our future projects.

      Once again - thank you for your time and information (and lunch!)


      Jean, Senior Project Technologist, Lower Mainland

    • Your presentation at the 2013 CHBAFV Educational Forum was very informative and educational, and the content was well received by our attendees. Thanks again for your involvement in this event!

      Chris, GSI, Canadian Home Builders Association of the Fraser Valley

    • Engaged group

      October 8, 2013

      I saw Mike Battistel of Cascadia give this workshop to building officials at an event organized by Rob Baker of Langley Township earlier this year, and it was excellent. He engaged the group in "real world" examples. Mike plans to cover using the Canadian Supplement to determine Performance Grade and Water Test Pressure, with a hands-on exercise for the participants. He plans to follow that up by introducing an online tool that simplifies this task.

      Al, Fenestration Specialist, Vancouver

    • Your presentation to our architecture firm last Thursday on Cascadia Clips was very informative and we appreciated both the content and organization. Yours was the clearest, most educational and methodical explanation of bridging, alternative solutions and the cost considerations. Very well done.

      Kathy, AIA, LEED AP, Seattle 

    • NAFS event

      June 28, 2013

      Thanks for putting on a great NAFS event. I think you did a great job. I was very pleased to see the level of engagement and the eagerness with which they tackled the performance grade example. I will borrow the idea, if you don't mind, for future lunch and learn events with architects.

      Al, Fenestration Specialist, Vancouver

    • Thank you for all of the time and effort you went to in hosting the Walsh Quality group this week.  And thank you greatly for sending us to the Canucks game.  Brian is a huge hockey fan and still plays to this day.  We had a really great time.  I think it is essential to start out with a hockey game so that one can really get in the Canadian way of thinking- it opens the door (or window) to a better understanding of building science in general, and windows in particular.  After all, the Canadians lead the way on the building envelope technology and science.
      Speaking of which Mike, your presentations hit the nail on the head.  You touched on a few major concepts that clarified a lot for both Sharon and Brian and exceeded what I was hoping they would learn from our various different tours this week.  I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful preparation and the typical Battistel delivery of the material- thorough, measured and comprehensive.  Both Brian and Sharon were effusive in their praise of what they learned from you.
      The partnership with Cascadia is important to us and you have once again come through for us in helping to improve our technical knowledge of envelope concepts, systems and detailing.  
      Please thank Jet,  Chris and Parv for their presentations.  It helped to shed light on a part of the product and project delivery process into which we have little insight.  Thanks again.
      Martin Houston, AIA, LEED AP, Walsh Construction Company, Portland, OR
    • Very good presentation

      January 9, 2013

      Very good presentation, thanks. The balsa wood bridge is a fantastic metaphor.

      Ian, Metal Cladding Contractors Association, BC

    • Enthusiasm and innovation

      December 12, 2012

      Thank you for your warm hospitality, breakfast and tour of your business this morning. We were really impressed with your obvious enthusiasm and innovation for the building industry. 


      May, Programme Director, Langley

    • Fantastic presentation - really. A few of us commented afterwards that it was one of the best lunch and learns we've seen!

      I thought I had met you before - I was at the trade show you guys attended in Victoria last year. I don't know if you were there, but I won the door prize that day - the iPad!

      Anyway, I'd love a copy of your slideshow. I'm trying to get more into exterior detailing and it would be a great resource. 


      Jennifer, Intermediate Technologist, CEI Architecture Planning Interiors