We demand superior performance from all of the materials we use, in order to make the best fiberglass window and door products available.

Fiberglass makes for exceptionally high-performance frames, but this material technology is only one of the reasons to choose Cascadia products. Our fiberglass lineals, glazing units, finishes and hardware also come from top suppliers.


More details on our suppliers as well as links to their websites can be found in the expanders below.

  • Fiberglass Lineals

    Cascadia windows are developed using pultrusions from Inline Fiberglass Ltd. in Ontario, Canada. Cascadia also works with Advanced Fiber Products (AFP) for specialty products and the pultrusions for the Cascadia Clip® product line.
  • Insulated Glass Units

    Cascadia does not manufacture glazing units: our supplier is Cardinal Glass, recognized as the premier supplier of IGU’s in North America. Our standard glazing unit is Cardinal LoE²-270® All Climate Solar Control, which blocks 83% of UV rays and 96% of the sun’s infrared heat - reducing solar heat gain by over 50% - while maintaining 70% light transmission. Upgrades to even more efficient IGUs are available (please see Energy Performance for options).
  • Paint

    Cascadia uses Hydro Tuff water-borne urethane coatings by Blue River Coatings, manufacturers of environmentally safe coatings. Hydro Tuff incorporates inorganic, ceramic-based pigments to deliver exceptional abrasion resistance and longterm fade resistance.
  • Hardware

    We proudly use Roto hardware almost exclusively, and also offer premium handles made by Hoppe and others. More information on hardware can be found on individual product pages, or under the design tab.