We ensure as many of our products as possible meet the stringent requirements of a variety of green building certification systems, to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Living Building Challenge

All of our fiberglass windows, as well as our Cascadia Clips, are part of the Living Building Challenge Declare Program. The Declare Program ensures material transparency and a lack of harmful chemicals. All of our products are Declared Red-List Free, in addition to providing superior energy performance of the building envelope.


The newest version of LEED includes the Declare program in its material transparency credits, so Cascadia products contribute directly to those credits. They also contribute massively to energy-related credits, by allowing much less heat loss than traditional products through the building envelope.

Mindful Materials

Mindful Materials is a North America-wide platform to improve material transparency in building products, to give designers and architects a list of the best products to use for highly efficient and sustainable buildings.

Passive House

The new Universal Series will be a Passive House International - Certified window.  The certification will be complete (and available on this website) in early 2018.  Passive House Institue US (PHIUS) certification is complete.

For energy modelers using the PHP software, we are please to provide ISO Standard thermal modelling data for your use with our Classic Series Windows and Doors.  For this information, please see our Energy Ratings page.