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    • The durability expectations (life span) of Cascadia's fiberglass windows are two to three times that of vinyl (PVC) windows.  Our fiberglass windows are typically 10% to 15% higher than a higher-end vinyl window with comparable features.

    • Yes. Simplifying the configurations and altering the size can make a big difference in price. Ways to simplify the configurations include: reducing the quantity of mullion bars and transom bars, reducing the number of operable vents, and using standard hardware and glass. In addition, larger windows typically have a lower price per square foot because there is no additional labour to build a larger window vs a smaller window.

    • Operable windows (casements, awnings, etc.) are more than twice as costly as fixed (non operable) windows. This is because operable windows utilize various hardware components that are not required in fixed windows. In addition, there is more labour required to produce an operable window.

      • On a small project the upcharge for custom colour frames or dual colour is approximately 10%.
      • On a large project the upcharge for custom colour or dual colour is approximately 5% (or less if discussed well in advance with the sales rep).
      • On larger projects the upcharge can be reduced

    • We believe that triple glazing adds long term value to the windows. The upcharge for triple glazing is typically 10% to 15%. The increase in thermal performance is beyond 50%.

    • We can accept credit card payments up to $5000, for small projects or deposit payments. For larger orders, we can accept approved terms, cheques, or bank wire transfers.

    • This is the process for obtaining a quote:

      1. Contact the local Cascadia sales rep in your area (Cascadia reception can lead you to the appropriate rep).
      2. Provide the sales rep with drawings and specifications.
      3. Discuss the project particulars with the sales rep in order to select the most appropriate products.
      4. Once all the required information is gathered by the sales rep, our estimating department will prepare a quote. The lead-time for a quote is 5 working days or less.
    • All lead times are based on receiving final confirmations, contract and deposit. At that point, our typical lead time for windows is 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the order and Cascadia’s plant workload at the time. Please consult with your Cascadia Representative to confirm lead times.

    • In new construction (and often in retrofit projects), shrinkage and settling of the wall framing is inevitable. Because Cascadia windows and doors utilize multipoint locking systems (for increased air tightness and forced entry resistance), shrinkage and settling of the wall around the window can put stress on the windows causing the multipoint locks to misalign. Therefore, it important to perform the final hardware adjustment after all of the shrinkage and settling of the building is complete. Hardware adjustments are usually quite simple and only basic tools are required. These adjustments can be performed by a reasonably handy homeowner, and typically does not require a window specialist.

    • If you require service work such as: paint touch-ups, hardware adjustments, etc, a Cascadia service representative can be made available to assist you. Typically, we can be available to visit your project within 2 weeks. However, if the service work required is urgent, we will make it a priority to assist you more quickly.

    • Yes, a small container of touch up paint is provided with all orders, and more is available if necessary. Instructions for touch-up painting is available through our project manager. If you would like more information regarding paint, or instructions for touch-up painting, please contact Cascadia’s project manager.

    • We will ship your order in one of two ways:

      1. Delivered on flat-bed truck on A-frame racks.
      2. Delivered on flat-bed truck in wooden crates.

      For both of the above methods, we utilize third-party trucking services, coordinated by Cascadia's shipping department.  Off-loading and site handling is the responsibility of the buyer unless the Cascadia scope of work includes installation.