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Curtain Wall Vent Adaptor
Cascadia's Fiberglass Curtain Wall Vent Adaptor allows the thermally weakest part of curtain wall systems, the operable vents, to realize excellent thermal performance by using a fiberglass sash and frame in place of aluminum.


Custom developed to meet project requirements, this fiberglass vent adaptor solves a compromise that has been traditionally present in aluminum glazing systems at operable vents - a drop in thermal performance due to the added amount of aluminum at the vent's sash and frame.
Insulated fiberglass frames have similar thermal performance as the best double-glazed IG units (center of glass) available today, so when coupled with double glazing, the fiberglass frame doesn't drag down the thermal performance. Triple glazing increases the performance even further.
Energy efficient, commercial-grade fiberglass vent adaptors allow designers and glaziers to meet the toughest new energy efficiency codes and standards that would otherwise severely limit the number and size of aluminum operable vents adaptors.  Now you can have all the venting you want, and the thermal performance as well.
Cascadia's curtain wall vent adaptors are designed to work with most common curtain wall systems, and can be slightly modified to suit any system-specific requirements.

To begin discussing development of a custom Curtain Wall Vent Adaptor, please contact us.


Key Performance Data

Air infiltration Rating (cfm/ft²) Rating (L/s/m²)
Water penetration psf pa
CVA 15.0 730