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400 Series
Strip window
Fixed strip window system. This window can be combined with 325 Series operable casement and awning windows.


The 400 Series is used for fixed, strip and large 'punched' window applications, with a deep frame section to permit large spans. It combines with our outswing operable window units (325 Series), to provide versatile glazing systems for residential, commercial and institutional projects.

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Key Performance Data

Air infiltration Rating (cfm/ft²) Rating (L/s/m²)
400 Fixed A3 (0.002-0.017) A3 (0.0011-0.087)
Water penetration psf pa
400 Fixed 15.0 730
Design wind pressure psf pa
400 Fixed 40.0-70.0 1915-3360
NAFS Designators Tested size (inches) Tested size (mm)
CW-PG50-FW 60x144 1525x3658
CW-PG70-FW 144x60 3658x1525
CW-PG65-FW 78x99 1981x2515
CW-PG65-FW 99x78 2515x1981
CW-PG40-FW 86x60 2184x1524

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