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303 Series
Compression Sliding Door
High performance compression slider door with excellent water penetration resistance. This door can be single or double leaf.


The 303 Series Compression Slider is based on the 302 Series outswing door. It features multi-point locks around the perimeter of the sash, and uses the same dual compression gaskets and frame profiles that provide the exceptional performance for the swing door. The difference is its operation when opened: the sash pops outward to the exterior and then slides sideways. This combination allows the door to perform at the highest recognized ratings, while remaining very easy to slide. Truly, a sliding door without compromise!

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Key Performance Data

Air infiltration Rating (cfm/ft²) Rating (L/s/m²)
303 Compression Slider 0.002 0.010
Water penetration psf pa
303 Compression Slider 15.0 730
Design wind pressure psf pa
303 Compression Slider 30.0 1440
NAFS Designators Tested size (inches) Tested size (mm)
CW-PG30-SD 95x83 2400x2100