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300 Series
Dual action window
Inswing tilt-n-turn, casement or hopper window system. Its style matches that of the 301 and 302 series doors.


The 300 Series features European-style dual-action tilt-n-turn, casement, and hopper operable vents. Flexible configurations, excellent water penetration resistance and multi-point locking make these windows one of our most popular choices, in combination with our swinging and sliding doors.

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Key Performance Data

Air infiltration Rating (cfm/ft²) Rating (L/s/m²)
300 Fixed A3 (0.002-0.004) A3 (0.009-0.018)
300 Hopper A3 (0.014) A3 (0.073)
300 Tilt & Turn A3 (0.028) A3 (0.14)
Water penetration psf pa
300 Fixed 15.0 730
300 Hopper 15.0 730
300 Tilt & Turn 15.0 730
Design wind pressure psf pa
300 Fixed 30.0-60.0 1440-2880
300 Hopper 30.0 1440
300 Tilt & Turn 30.0-50.0 1440-2440
NAFS Designators Tested size (inches) Tested size (mm)
CW-PG30-FW 111x78 2820x1980
CW-PG60-FW 100x79 2540x2000
CW-PG45-FW 60x144 1525x3658
CW-PG30-AP 60x36 1530x915
CW-PG50-DAW 36x99 910x2515
CW-PG30-DAW 48x72 1220x1830


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