Fiberglass can be painted virtually any colour, retains its colour and finish, and is easily retouched or refinished when updating the appearance of your building.

Our ten standard colours can be seen below.
Top line (left to right): slate grey, grey, commercial brown, clay, black. Bottom line (left to right): lighthouse red, wineberry, moonlite moss, wicker, rainnware white.
Cascadia frames are finished with water-borne urethane coatings, available in a wide colour spectrum. Our finishes incorporate inorganic, ceramic based pigments for exceptional abrasion resistance and long-term fade resistance.
Our standard palette includes the ten most historically popular colour options. Many custom colours are also available, and virtually any colour can be matched.
Please keep in mind that colours on computer screens and colours in real life will be different. Get in touch for physical samples for the most accurate colours.

We also carry a premium silver colour which closely matches anodized aluminum, for an additional cost.