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  • Yes. Finally. The thermal efficiency of fiberglass windows in a commercial-grade, high-rise Window Wall system. R4 to R7 vision area performance, depending on glazing choices.
  • We've added an adjustability system to our ground-breaking, thermally-efficient cladding support system. Learn more here!
  • Several live webinars with CES learning credits. Current topic: ADVANCEMENTS IN FIBERGLASS PASSIVE HOUSE WINDOW TECHNOLOGY
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  • Universal Series
    Passive House International certified
  • Cascadia Clip®
    Low slope roof
  • Our thermal spacer made from low-conductivity fiberglass material greatly reduces thermal bridging, improving the effective thermal resistance of the exterior wall. The Cascadia Clip makes compliance with ASHRAE 90.1, NECB 2011, or any other code simple and cost-effective.