This year, we are happy to announce that the Cascadia Clip® is one of three finalists for the Canada Green Building Council’s Product of the Year award. Cascadia Windows is known for its commitment to improving buildings with innovative products that advance the energy efficiency of the building envelope, and the Cascadia Clip® is no different.

The Cascadia Clip® was one of the first products created specifically to address the concern of thermal bridging in exterior insulated wall assemblies, and was the first fiberglass solution to this problem. This product represents an unglamorous area of the building envelope, which is never seen once the building is complete, but has such a positive impact on the overall building performance that many imitators and other similar products have since come to market. The Cascadia Clip® offers a very simple solution: The clip acts as a washer for the sub-framing builders are used to, which maintains the effectiveness of the exterior insulation without using increasingly complicated assemblies. The design of the clip allows for pre-assembly, which speeds up install, and the newest adjustable version allows for misalignment of the substrate. We have completed vigorous and extensive testing to ensure that the Clip is suitable for all different kinds of projects and climates.

The Cascadia Clip® improves the thermal performance of wall assemblies and helps buildings save substantial amounts of energy, thereby reducing overall emissions in the building sector. Cascadia Clips® can be used on walls, roofs, and soffits, allowing for improvements across a huge portion of the building envelope. Cascadia Clips contribute directly to achieving Living Building Challenge and LEED v4 buildings through the material transparency program Declare, further cementing our commitment to the environment and to green building programs.

Along with the Cascadia Clip®, the other finalists for Product of the Year will be announced at the Opening Plenary of the CaGBC Building Lasting Change conference on May 31, 2017. The winner will be announced later that evening at the Gala Dinner, along with the CaGBC Leadership Awards. Please join us as we celebrate this great honour!

For more information and to register for the CaGBC Building Lasting Change Conference in Vancouver, where the winner will be announced, please visit the conference website.