The Township of Langley is the first municipality in Metro Vancouver to offer a program like the Green Building Rebate Program. This program offers financial incentives to developers to exceed the current energy efficiency requirements outlined in the BC Building Code. The Green Building Rebate Program comes at a time when the Township is looking to reduce the overall GHG emissions within the entire community – acknowledging that the current building stock is a significant contributor to these emissions. Upon completion of this program, companies are eligible to participate in other initiatives from BC Hydro and Fortis. Rebates are in place for both single family dwellings, and multi-family dwellings. For Quadra Homes, the first participant in the program, the cost recovery was a major factor in their decision-making, as well as further access to funding, incentives and industry expertise to help them construct these buildings. A certified energy advisor works with the developer to enhance the EnerGuide rating of the project by looking at the building envelope, the mechanical systems, and fixture usages. This participatory program is easy to get involved in, and is the first step in creating a building stock that leaves a lasting legacy on our environment and the community. Cascadia Windows is committed to creating sustainable, lasting buildings that protect our environment. Our mission is to lead North America’s transition to energy efficient building design. In addition to ensuring that we use the most environmentally-friendly materials, our products allow buildings to significantly reduce their energy consumption, thereby reducing GHG emissions from the building sector. We hope other municipalities adopt a program like the Green Building Rebate Program, so we can all do our part in preserving our environment for generations to come. 

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