Understanding what window to choose in today's market can be confusing. With seemingly endless options, what’s the most effective way for architects and homeowners to sift through and find the best?
That’s where the National Fenestration Rating Council comes in. The council provides ratings to determine how energy efficient window performance is. They can help both architects and homeowners determine whether or not a window meets or exceeds building energy codes.
Ratings from NFRC are achieved through standardized tests by independent third-parties, so you can easily compare multiple window manufacturers against one another. The NFRC label means that consumers can trust the window will perform the way manufacturer says it will perform. 
Today, Cascadia is proud to announce that every single one of our windows passed the NFRC inspection. This means that each and every window will meet or exceed building energy codes (in almost every case, exceed). 


What that really means to architects is they can use any Cascadia Window on any project without needing to worry about building code compliance. It also gives homeowners a peace of mind knowing they’re getting top quality windows that can help save energy costs for years to come.