MEC has always been known for its environmental initiatives. As a member of 1% for the Planet, the co-op donates 1% of its gross revenue each year to conservation and outdoor activity causes.
It's no surprise then, that it took the opportunity to make it's new head office in East Vancouver an environmental leader.
The office is projected to achieve LEED Gold Certification, with it saving 70% more energy than conventional buildings.
A key to that is the building enclosure, which features 400 Series Cascadia Windows with 300A operable vents.
The effective U-value of the fenestration system is 0.17 and the windows incorporate stainless steel knife plates that support the sunshades on the building.


“Large windows flood the interior with natural light and allow a lot of fresh air to flow in. The use of wood inside structurally creates a warm feeling”  
- Tim Southam, Public Affairs Manager at MEC.


The space spans 112,000 square feet, making it the largest fiberglass window project in North America. That square footage is put to good use, with a rooftop garden, bouldering gym, and spin room.


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Images: Geoffrey Tomlin-Hood