Vancouver's Main Street neighbourhood is a thriving cultural centre for boutique restaurants, art shops and custom clothing stores. The Vanglo House sits just steps away - a prominent fixture along a line of traditional craftsman homes. Yet it fits right in.
The angular walls and blended envelope design make it one of a kind, much like the diverse array of businesses the neighbourhood prides itself on.
The exterior aesthetic isn't all that's different. Vanglo House takes energy efficiency seriously,  joining an exclusive group of just three in Vancouver to be ENERGY STAR certified. The building envelope includes triple-glazed Cascadia Windows, which help to create a substantial thermal barrier. 


"The design doesn't distinguish between walls and roof, but creates one where all parts blend together. Nowhere is this concept more apparent than at the street-facing southern wall, with its unified, softly angular façade punctuated with dynamic integrated windows from Cascadia Windows that keep the eye moving- ingeniously providing privacy for those inside.." 
- Oliver Lang, Architect LWPAC