The City of Burnaby recognized Harmony House's team for their work on the net zero home earlier last month. The building was designed by Chris Mattock of Habitat Design + Consulting, who explains the uniqueness of Harmony House lies in the fact that in addition to being a highly energy efficient building, the materials that are incorporated in the construction and design of the house are very durable and environmentally friendly.


The house saves energy by being highly insulated. In fact, the house actually creates energy from solar panels on the roof that feed into the grid. Homeowners Les and Linda Moncrieff explain one of their favourite aspects of the home is the peaceful space that's been created. Triple glazed 300A series Cascadia windows as well as 301 and 302 series doors provide them with an extremely comfortable and quiet environment. "From inside the house, you hear no noise outside," which makes it a "serene" space. Cascadia is extremely proud to have been a sponsor for this project. To read the article, visit Sustainability Television's website here.