Cascadia's newest innovation with fiberglass construction technology - the Cascadia Clip - is getting a lot of attention since it was launched last spring - 2011.  The Clip is a thermal spacer used to significantly reduce the thermal bridging of cladding supports in exterior insulated walls.  It doubles the effective thermal insulation value of the wall, compared to traditional practices.
This innovation was significant enough to garner a top 10 position for Cascadia in BC Business Magazine's 20 most innovative BC companies.  (Cascadia placed 8th.)  The magazine article can be found at:  The write-up on Cascadia's award, within the full article, is found here:  This is Cascadia's second award for the Cascadia Clip, since it was lauched less than 12 months ago.
The Clip was designed by several of the Cascadia Windows owners, who have a long-established professional history of building enclosure remediation and design.
Recent reviews and comments from architects and other construction industry professionals praise the Clip as "a needed innovation, which has come at the right time, in light of the more aggressive energy u targets these days".