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Cascadia Clip® Fiberglass Thermal Spacers for exterior insulated cladding systems. 


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Our thermal spacer made from low-conductivity fiberglass material greatly reduces thermal bridging, improving the effective thermal resistance of the exterior wall. The Cascadia Clip makes ASHRAE 90.1 Or NECB 2011 compliance simple and cost-effective.


New depths offer flexibility for overall insulating performance! Available depths:

2"   |   2.5"   |   3"   |   3.5"   |   4"   |   5"   |   6"   |   8"


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  • Thermal performance data
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  • Installation methods
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  • Here, find several videos with more information about the Cascadia Clip.

  • The Cascadia Clip has undergone rigorous testing and certification to achieve successful performance in almost any project.

  • The following details provide a more in-depth look at some common assemblies involving the Cascadia Clips in PDF, CAD, and Revit formats.


  • To specify Cascadia Clips in your project, use one of the following 3-part insert specifications in the cladding specification of your project.

  • Cascadia Clip - User Guide
  • Code Evaluation Report by UES
  • Assembly Layout Guide
  • Cladding Attachment Comparisons Paper
  • Z-Girt User Guide
  • Specification - 3-part insert - CANADA
  • Specification - 3-part insert - USA
  • Vertical Subgirts - Architectural Details - PDF
  • Vertical Subgirts - Architectural Details - CAD
  • Horizontal Subgirts - Architectural Details - PDF
  • Horizontal Subgirts - Architectural Details - CAD