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300B Series
Outswing Awning and Casement Windows
This product is no longer available for new projects, but we are happy to support existing 300B series windows.


The 300B featured casement or awning style operable vents. This window was essentially the same as our classic 300A series window, but instead of a multi-point locking system the 300B series utilized a cam handle.

Key Performance Data

Air infiltration Rating (cfm/ft²) Rating (L/s/m²)
300B Awning 0.014 0.071
300B Casement 0.012 0.063
Water penetration psf pa
300B Series- All Windows 15.0 730
Design wind pressure psf pa
300B Series- All Windows 40.0 1920
NAFS Designators Tested size (inches) Tested size (mm)
CW-PG40-AP 56x32 1410x805
CW-PG40-C 32x62 800x1580